Welcome To Ruca's

 Welcome to Ruca's. We love to serve the highest quality freshest food possible. At Ruca's most of our items are prepared fresh daily. Almost everything is made from scratch with love. 

Our featured breakfast items include our famous Aebleskivers (a fluffy danish pancake ball). They pair great with a fresh espresso drink or our wilderness blend coffee. Our coffee comes from a local best of state roaster "The Daily Rise" and is certified organic. Only the best quality for our guest. 

For lunch and dinner we have a wide variety of gourmet sandwiches and fresh cut salads. I personally have hand chosen all our deli meats to assure you will receive the best flavor and highest quality possible. Several of our sauces have been personally created to pair with the sandwiches to heighten the flavor for an all over unique decadent sandwich. Our fresh Salads are a mixture of greens chopped fresh daily with fresh, never frozen toppings that are hand picked along with some of our house made dressing. 

Enjoy your meal in our lovely outdoor seating area while soaking in the amazing views of the beautiful Bear Lake area. 

We look forward to serving you.

Our Products



Our main featured item is called Ebelskivers. Ebelskivers are a fluffy Danish pancake ball and we are the only place that serves them in the state of Utah. I make them in all different variations so we have something for everyone from sweet to savory. This is a old recipe that came straight from Denmark from a dear friends mother. You will find nothing like them around here. 



We specialize in coffee. Our coffee beans come from the local organic roaster The Daily Rise because we will only have the best for our customers. We also have several different variations of organic hot, cold tea’s and lemonade



We take pride in our sandwiches being the best in town. We load them with the highest quality meat and the freshest topping in town. Try one of our vegetarian options.  No one will go away hungry from here. 

Gourmet Salads


Who doesn’t just love a good salad? Well salad is our specialty. We always start with fresh greens that are cut and prepared every morning. We never use bagged salad because lets face it there is no comparison. We make most of our dressings in house and cut all our toppings fresh daily. 



We are excited to announce that will have various mugs and coffee cups along with shirts. Tank tops, & hoodies this year

About Us

How we became Ruca's

From as young as I can remember some of my fondest memories were the summers we would spend in Bear Lake. My ancestors were some of the first people to help settle St. Charles and my great Uncles were also some of the first to purchase property on the beach of Bear Lake. I can always remember wanting to just be up here as long as I possibly could and never go home. That is one of the many reasons why I wanted to build something in that area. 

I have spent a total of 19 years of my life in customer service and it is a passion of mine along with cooking so last summer when I was sitting on my mom’s deck in Bear Lake looking out over the lake I was pondering ideas on how I could combine all my passions and loves into something that would not only benefit me but also benefit my family, friends, & community and that is when the idea of Ruca’s was born.

Our name RUCA’S is a southern California slang term meaning “My Love”  or “Girlfriend” It was actually made popular by the band Sublime when they came out with the song “Waiting For My Ruca”. When I built my 1969 VW Beetle 6 years ago I had to come up with a name. After months of trying to come up with something with no success that song came on and it was like a light bulb that lit up and the name Rucas was found. So of course when It came to finding a name for my dream restaurant it had to be named after my other love "My RUCA" my love bug.  

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Better yet, see us in person!

Ruca's is now closed for the season

Catering available upon request 


284 S Bear Lake Blvd, Garden City, Utah 84028



Ruca's is now closed for the season


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